Bay Area Structural Shoring

November 20, 2019by elite0

In our lengthy history of operations, Sheedy Crane has offered many services to California and its famous Bay Area. If you’re a resident of the area, you know that the Bay Area is a combination of about 9 counties and boasts a population of roughly 7.75 million people. Much like California in general, the Bay Area has seen a tremendous influx of industry as well as people over the past several decades. It has historically boasted a strong urban presence, and as you may guess from that, a substantial amount of renovation and construction has followed due to those reasons. As a result, our structural shoring solutions have been incredibly important to urban development of this area.

What is Structural Shoring?

The San Francisco Bay Area has been notoriously difficult to keep constrained to a particular size. Urban growth and development just seems to be unending, inflating the notoriously high cost of real estate and living expenses in the area. Despite that, the area sees continued growth partially due to the presence of global technology giants such as Google and Apple, along with many high-profile tech startups in Silicon Valley.

With the Bay Area being such an appealing area to live for a variety of reasons, it means that parts of the Bay Area are constantly being upended for upgraded versions or amendments to buildings to bring them into modernity. Structural Shoring is used to temporarily support a building so that it does not collapse or incur unnecessary damage due to improper load distribution when significant repairs and alterations are made to the building.

This shoring process can range from minor alterations by which shoring is still necessary due to safety requirements and protocols, or it can mean the entire demolition of portions of a building for a large-scale renovation that requires sophisticated shoring solutions as well as a keen understanding of engineering principles.

One of Sheedy Crane’s most difficult and rewarding shoring projects was the temporary shoring of Bay Area hospital buildings in which the strictest standards of the OSHPD (Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development) were required to be met.

Types of Structural Shoring

There are many types of structural shoring that can be used to achieve support of buildings being worked on.

Raking Shore is when a set of timbers are laid against the face of a structure at a sharp lean so that they can support the structure horizontally.

Beam and Plate shoring is exactly how it sounds, steel I-beams are set into the ground and then are supported by steel plates. This shoring technique is helpful in situations where soil conditions are a factor.

Scaffolding is the simplest form of shoring in a technical sense. It not only supports minor structures but also people. While some argue that shoring and scaffolding are different, the difference lies primarily in the utility!

Full Turnkey Shoring Solutions

Whether you’re making changes to an entire building and need support (literally), or you require minor changes to something like a parking garage, Sheedy Crane is here to support you. Our full-turnkey shoring solutions are backed by sound engineering principles and multiple decades of not only engineering/construction experience but also experience native to the Bay Area of California. We understand the unique conditions of this area that is so tightly constrained in both population and the presence of water.

Contact Sheedy Crane today for our shoring solutions or our many other engineering services!