3 Questions to Ask Your Crane Rental Company

January 16, 2020by Sheedy Crane0

Hiring a contractor is both a sigh of relief and a need that can be difficult to address amid budget concerns. In a way every budget is tight, most companies operate on very tight margins and are wary about any additional expenditures. When it comes to hiring a crane rental company, there are 3 questions you want to ask yourself about the rental.

Does the Crane Rental Meet the Budget Requirements?

It goes without saying that before you can start browsing for services, you’ll need to know how much you’re looking to spend. Some rental services can be exceedingly expensive by virtue of the fact that they are booked up or that they lend specialty machinery that warrants additional costs.

A good crane rental company will work within your budget and give you reasonable estimates on jobs. Sometimes companies with brand new equipment will ask for more money to recoup some of those costs, but consider also that sometimes new equipment lends greater efficiency to operators. Jobs may take less time and thus less labor hours billed. These are things you should be on the lookout for when renting a crane from a company.

Is the Crane Rental Company Experienced?

You would think that all crane rental companies met a certain level of expertise, but as with all industries there are the best of the best and those who barely get the job done. Seek out a crane company that has had ample experience to fine tune their methods and deliver the best results.

Sheedy Crane has been operating in the Bay Area for more than 95 years! We have overseen much of the construction and economic growth of the Bay Area through our operations and jobs we’ve been assigned. All of our crane operators are NCCO certified so you will always have a qualified operator when renting through us.

What is their Safety Track Record?

Unfortunately, mistakes happen—but you don’t want them to happen when using a crane. This can be prevented by not only hiring an experienced crane rental company that has certified operators but it helps when the company you’re hiring is providing those operators.

Not all crane rental companies provide their own operators as part of the package so this is an important factor. The benefit of working with a crane rental company that supplies the operator is that they are going to be familiar with their roster of operators and understand what kind of work they are good at. Proper skill allocation is paramount to bolstering safety records.

For example, if you hire Sheedy Crane for a job, we’ll be more than happy to send a surveyor out to the site to acquire estimates. This will also be a great way to obtain information about the site to our operators so we can get a read on the job site to anticipate any possible obstacles.

Bay Area Crane Rental

Construction in the Bay Area has always been a given, with such limited space for new construction there is always demolition and renovations occurring which necessitate the careful use of crane services, structural shoring, and much more.

These conditions are what Sheedy Crane excels in. There aren’t many companies that understand this area better than us, contact us today so we can assist you in getting started on any new projects that are upcoming.