When to Consider Renting Warehouse Storage Space

July 13, 2021by Sheedy Crane0

An intrinsic problem that we as humans are having to face more and more is the reality that we are running out of desirable space. Many cities have overflowing populaces, forcing property prices through the roof and driving stiff competition. This is forcing more and more people to consider renting what they once may have bought. Many people who look up our crane rental services aren’t aware that we also offer the rental of bay area warehouse storage space.

While this may not be relevant to most modern businesses, especially those drop-shipping e-commerce businesses which are flooding the market, there are times when a rental warehouse may be just what your business needs. 

Here are some thoughts about when you should consider renting warehouse storage space.

To Get Out of Limbo

The economic instability caused by the recent pandemic has forced many businesses to completely reevaluate how they manage their production. In many instances, companies are having to downsize their warehouse storage spaces to free up vital funds. This has forced some businesses into a “limbo” state, having either been kicked out of their previous space, or struggling to find a new one to invest in. 

Renting warehouse storage space can alleviate concerns about the protection of not only products, but also any equipment which you may use. 

Maintain the Quality of Valuable Equipment

As previously stated, many companies have been affected by the economic fallout of the pandemic, and construction companies are no exception. Construction companies will often have tens of thousands of dollars in equipment which needs to be regularly cleaned, used, or maintained to ensure the quality. Even the slightest break or wear and tear on something like rigging equipment can result in monumental losses.

As one of the leading Bay Area crane rental companies, we know just how valuable certain pieces of equipment are. By renting warehouse storage space with us, you can be sure that your equipment is in safe hands. We can also load and haul equipment to your site when you need, saving you valuable time and money.

Free Up Funds for Business Growth

Many owners of warehouse spaces have realized that having that money tied up limits their ability to grow their business during times of hardship. By selling your current warehouse space and opting to rent for some time instead, you can free up funds which can be used for a variety of different business growth methods, including:

  • Expanding your market reach to other towns, counties, states, countries
  • Completely rebranding your product or company
  • Moving from physical stores to e-commerce

By doing so you may be able to buy back your original space in the future, or perhaps a larger space to accommodate for newly found success.

To Facilitate the Liquidation Process

A sad reality of the pandemic and ensuing economic chaos has been that many smaller companies simply can’t compete any longer with the giants. By renting warehouse storage space during the liquidation process you can free up funds that were otherwise invested in your original space. This can help you to facilitate the process and ensure that all parties receive their fair compensation.

To Purchase Equipment Prior to Needing It

It often goes in life that we get the opportunity to attain certain things prior to requiring them. Regardless of why you may wish to purchase equipment before you need it, the ability to store it can make it a worthwhile endeavor. If, for example, you manage to pick up some hauling equipment from a secondhand auction, and you have plans to start a hauling company, then you will need somewhere to store it all. 

Renting warehouse storage space can be perfect for those particularly specific situations in which we find ourselves with robust machinery and nowhere to put it.

Whatever the Reason, Call Us Today

Here at Sheedy Crane, not only do we offer crane rental services, we can also assist with seismic retrofitting, engineering, hauling, rigging, and shoring. On top of all of this, we also have two bay area warehouse storage spaces in which we offer out rental space. We have two convenient locations: our Corporate Headquarters in San Francisco, and our Central Valley Division at the Port of Stockton.

Corporate Headquarters – San Francisco

Our Corporate Headquarters are conveniently located near downtown San Francisco and the Port of San Francisco. It has over 7 acres of open storage space, with 1 acre of covered storage space. We can also offer electrical hook-ups at this facility.

Central Valley Division – Port of Stockton

This is a centralized location at the Port of Stockton with 2.5 acres of open storage and limited covered storage space.