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January 14, 2021by Sheedy Crane0

Renting a crane is a big job with a lot of small, moving parts.

And we’re not just referring to all the internal components that help the crane do its job. When you rent a crane, there are a lot of little details you’ll need to nail down.

In this blog post, we’ll look at all the things you should know when searching for a Bay Area crane rental company.

1 – Site basics

Start by making sure you know all the basics of the job site. Ask yourself:

  • Where is the site located?
  • What are the road conditions on the way to the site?
  • What are conditions like at the site itself?
  • What materials will the crane need to move or lift?
  • How big are they and what do they weigh?
  • How long will you need the crane?

Answering these questions, and determining any other site-specific considerations that could pose a challenge, will make things easier for you, your team and the crane operator.

2 – Who will work your crane?

Not everyone can get behind the controls of a crane and go to work. It requires specialized training, as well as a license. If you don’t have someone on your team with those skills, you’ll want to search for a Bay Area crane rental company who can also provide you with the expertise and the machinery you need.

3 – Get multiple bids

Doing legwork in advance gives you time to get multiple bids for your crane. This can help you save money, as expenses can stack up during crane rental. Ask the different crane companies to visit your site to get the expertise and give them as much information as possible.

And as you get closer to choosing a crane provider, do your homework, making sure the companies you’re considering have a solid reputation. How long have they been around? What do past customers have to say about them? What kind of maintenance practices do they follow? A reputable crane operator will be willing to share that info with you.

4 – Safety issues when you Rent a Crane

In addition to their maintenance record, you’ll want to examine the crane rental company’s safety record. Is their staff trained? Do they have a plan that fits your job site?

5 – Proper permits for when you Rent a Crane

Does your city or town require a permit for using a crane? Or for blocking a road or sidewalk? It pays to be sure. It’s better to spend a few minutes before work begins making sure you have what you need than to spend hours or days after work begins dealing with your local code enforcement officer.

6 – Preparing your site

On the day the crane is scheduled to arrive, you’ll want to make sure all lines of communication are open. Appoint yourself the chief point of contact so you can coordinate the crane, your crew, the people delivering the crane and any other equipment you need.

Rent a Crane Bay Area, CA

If you have a job that requires a crane and a dedicated professional to operate it,  look no further than Sheedy Crane.

Our Bay area crane rental service offers a diverse and modern fleet of mobile and speciality cranes, all owned by us and operated by NCCCO-certified operators and maintained by our in-house shop.

Our line of cranes include:

  • All-terrain cranes
  • Lattice boom cranes
  • Hydraulic truck cranes
  • Rough terrain cranes
  • Roof-mounted cranes

If you’re ready to rent, Sheedy would be more than happy to send one of our estimators to your job site or office to help plan and price your Bay Area crane rental


August 16, 2020by Sheedy Crane0

It’s something we think about quite a bit in the world of California crane rental: crane safety.

And while equipment failure does play a role in crane mishaps, a majority of crane accidents are the result of human error.

According to OSHA, some of the most common crane accidents involve:

  • Contact with electrical lines and other power sources
  • Falls, which includes incidents where a crane overturns or the load being lifted falls
  • Poor communication

Let’s take a closer look at some of the safety issues you’ll need to consider during your California crane rental.

Electrical Issues

One of the biggest risk areas here is the route to the job site. It’s important to check the route ahead of time and keep an eye out for obstacles, noting the minimum clearance you’ll need to avoid power lines and power sources.

The same applies to power sources at or near the job site.  Try to de-energize power lines if possible, and always adhere to OSHA guidelines.


Some of the common causes of falls/overturns involving cranes include ignoring the load limits, improper loaning, and high winds.

You can prevent these accidents by:

  • Never exceeding load capacity guidelines
  • Properly centering each load and placing slings so the load is secured. Taglines can control the swing and rotation of the load
  • Check ground conditions on the site for saturated, freezing or thawing soil.
  • Consult load charts to determine the crane’s maximum load capacity
  • Tape off the area around and beneath the lift for added security
  • Low wind speeds are optimal for crane use. Pay attention to weather conditions, keeping an eye out for unexpected changes. Cease operating if bad weather is anticipated or develops nearby.


Crane accidents can result from a lack of communication. Check equipment every day and make sure everyone involved with using the crane is briefed on their jobs.

A safe workplace is one where workers follow existing safety procedures and regularly check their environment for potential threats.

These are good rules to follow to make sure your employees, customers, vendors and visitors remain safe during crane operation.

It’s vital that you know the specifications, procedures and operating characteristics for the crane you’ve chosen, as each make and model is different.

Picking the right crane for each job is essential, as is making sure each crane and related equipment are properly maintained.

California Crane Rental from Sheedy Crane

There’s no room for error when working with heavy machinery such as cranes. Still, not every company involved in crane operations adheres to OSHA’s guidelines, which is why it’s important to  work with a reputable California crane rental company such as Sheedy Crane.

We’ve been operating in the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly 100 years and can meet all your crane rental and operator needs.

Our crane operators are all NCCO certified and can provide the skills you need to finish your crane-based projects.

Trust our experts to make sure you’re using the right equipment and that it’s being operated in a way that keeps everyone safe. Contact us today to learn more.


June 24, 2020by Sheedy Crane0

Cranes come in all shapes and sizes for a reason, no job demands the same things of your equipment. Therefore, when renting a crane its crucial to consider what aspects of the job may create unique challenges for you. Choosing the wrong crane is not only inefficient and could cause you to do a subpar job or make mistakes, but it can be downright dangerous with trying to “make do” with mismatched equipment.

Taking the time to consider the project and choose the right crane can be the difference between a job well done and a disaster.

What are the Load Bearing Requirements of the Job?

Scout the site of the job and really think about what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. What is the heaviest thing you will need to lift using a crane? That is the item that you must base your crane off of, as exceeding the load bearing capabilities of your chosen crane is not only very dangerous, but also an OSHA violation that could hurt the reputation of your company and result in fines.

What are the Height Requirements of the Job?

Much like with the considerations for weight the crane must bear, height requirements are equally important. The height will determine not only how high you can safely operate, but it is typically associated with the load bearing capacity of the crane too. Generally speaking, a larger crane can tolerate larger loads as well.

Because cranes that are used for moving objects high up are more subject to wind forces a greater counterweight must be used to keep the crane steady. Some of the most common projects that require a crane to lift something extraordinarily high are when high-rise buildings need to replace or install new windows. The panes are incredibly heavy as they must resist the enormous wind pressure (or potential wind pressure from storms) at 30, 40, 50 stories up! This is delicate work, as even nudging the window is not ideal nor acceptable. A steady crane path as well as a strong and tall crane capable of lifting the windows to the appropriate height are required for such as job, as an exmaple.

How much Access and Mobility is Required?

Not all job sites are spacious and allow for easy maneuverability. What’s the use in having a towering and powerful crane if you can’t get it to where it needs to be? Boom trucks are highly valued for this mobility. In our blog about choosing Boom Trucks or Cranes, we also discussed how important mobility around a jobsite was. From the outside looking in, we assume that construction projects are perfectly planned and always proceed accordingly.

However, new challenges are always arising on the job and so having flexibility (and mobility) to get around the site and deal with things as they arise is a crucial part of being a reliable and efficient contractor.

Bay Area Crane Rental

Choosing the right equipment for your job is critical to finishing on time and finishing well. Sheedy Crane owns a modern and extensive fleet of mobile and specialty cranes that are capable of nearly any job! We know our equipment better than anyone else, which is why we are more than happy to provide estimators to visit your job site or office and assist you with deciding which crane would be best for you. Learn more about Sheedy Crane and more about out Bay Area Crane Rental services here.

Contact Sheedy Crane today for our reliable equipment, fair prices, and industry-standard NCCO certified operators.


August 16, 2019by Sheedy Crane0

What are Hoist Slings?

While requirements will vary depending on the site and the details of the job itself, one thing is certain, there are a couple of different types of rigging slings that are useful for different situations. Hoisting is a staple service for us at Sheedy Crane.

Before discussing that, there are a few important safety tips to consider

  • You should always determine the proper dimensions and style of the sling needed for your application purposes. Selecting the right sling for the job is crucial.
  • It is not advisable nor recommended to tie knots in slings.
  • Its all about load management, knowing the limitations of the lifting device is paramount to a successful pick.
  • Building on that last point, you must always find the center point of gravity before picking up a load.

Wire Rope

Wire rope is created by interthreading several individual wires to create a large, thick rope. This can be observed when you see wire rope that has become frayed, individual pieces of the rope become exposed. This is called birdcaging and If you spot this, you’re well overdue to replace your wire rope. One of the best ways to avoid cracking or breaking of your wire rope is to use proper blocking/padding to make sure the rope does not bend acutely. Instead, a wider bend can be created so that the rope only bends within its levels of flexibility.

There are several factors that determine the strength of a wire rope. The thickness of the rope is the most obvious factor. A thicker rope is a better rope in most cases. All ropes have a total load limit and many modern ropes have a design factor of 5, which means that whatever the total load strength of the rope is, it should be divided by 5 and that will be the maximum limit for the actual load used.

Fiber/Synthetic Rope Slings

Fiber rope is typically comprised of nylon, polyester, and sometimes propylene. They can hold a significant amount of weight and are highly malleable which means they adapt to many shapes. Synthetic slings also have a long life cycle even in heavy use scenarios. The catch? They are highly susceptible to chemical damage. Acid or any type of caustic substance can easily chew through fiber ropes much faster than any other type. The issue with this is that the very material becomes weak but it isn’t as immediately apparent as other sling types. The material type of sling will determine the resistant properties it possesses.

Bay Area Rigging Professionals

Sheedy Drayage Co. is a historic company that has been in business since 1925. We have decades of rigging experience with various types of rigging slings in the Bay Area. Whether it involves operating a crane, heavy rigging, shoring, or requiring precise engineering solutions, you can bet Sheedy can do the job like no other—we’ve been doing this for a long time, after all. Visit our contact page to get in touch with the location of your choice so that you can have your rigging work done in a timely and diligent manner.


May 10, 2019by Sheedy Crane0

Have you ever wondered about the process of renting a crane? There are many different types of cranes and a wide variety of things they can be used for. Knowing which kind of crane is most fitting for the job you need is your first step. Let’s say you are a landscaper; a crane is a perfect addition to the tools and equipment you already use. A crane will give you the extra height you need to trim, cut or prune those super tall trees. It will give the gardener a lift or the crane can be used to lift the tree itself. Crane services are ideal and very necessary for most landscapers who are hired for big estates, schools or industrial properties. There is a lot of ground needed to be covered and many things must be lifted or hauled that a person can’t do with their strength alone.

A crane service is great because it enables work to be done in a shorter time frame than it would with the strength of manpower alone. That is when a crane service comes in to play. You would contact a company like Sheedy Crane to come and estimate the job you wish to accomplish. They would examine all the aspects of the job you’re hiring them for, the time frame needed, and the weight of the lifting. Then, they would suggest the best crane for that specific task. Since cranes specialize in hauling, lifting, hoisting and other actions that are related to landscaping, you’ve selected the perfect machine all in one. Keep in mind that crane services are by no means limited to landscaping. They are used for many more tasks as listed in greater lengths on the website. Read on to learn about the process of renting a crane.

Selecting your ideal crane

four cranes on a construction site
Sheedy has many cranes available for rental.

Cranes are designed to do many things for a vast amount of activities. It’s an all in one tool. There are also many add on features that can be attached to the crane itself to increase its ability. Crane companies know each crane inside and out and are the best ones to ask questions about before you begin your project. Cranes vary depending on what amount of weight they are able to pick up, move or hold. Crane services are measured by the ton, and range from 500 tons, to as little as a 10-ton load, and smaller. A landscaper would most likely require the power of a 10-ton crane, such as a rough terrain crane or a Hydraulic crane. A consumer in the landscape field would probably be interested in a crane that comes equipped with a man-basket, which would enable easier pruning services, spreader bars, pallet forks, and more. A good crane candidate would also be a hydraulic truck crane when it comes to landscaping projects if it entails moving stones or uprooting trees. Again, the crane rental service or local crane company would be the right ones to identify the ideal crane for your desired job. Perhaps the project for which you need a crane services requires the use of two cranes at once or two different cranes. Both scenarios are possible with Sheedy Crane.

Crane Rental Service San Francisco Bay Area

Suspended red crane hook

Choosing a company like Sheedy Crane is the best way to ensure your job will be completed successfully. Sheedy Crane provides the best answers and recommendations to meet your end goal. Once you’ve established which crane you will be renting for the task at hand, you are on your way! If you find during the process of completing the contracted job that you need a stronger crane or additional services, don’t hesitate to inquire. Cranes are the ideal machine to complete any job which entails heavy lifting, moving, and reaching. With its powerful and swiftly engineered angles, it will be sure to meet your needs. The only requirements for renting a crane are a license in the state you are operating the heavy machinery. It is a safe and dependable service which can be implemented for simple tasks, as well as extremely complicated ones. Sheedy Crane employs knowledgeable and trained personnel whose top priority is helping you accomplish your assignment. Renting a crane will be based off of which crane best suits your endeavor. The crane rental company will be able to draft up the expense based on the time frame required of the cranes service. For more information visit the website for tips about crane use or numbers specific to your moving, hauling, lifting and rigging needs.