Considerations for Picking the Right Crane for the Job

June 24, 2020by Sheedy Crane0

Cranes come in all shapes and sizes for a reason, no job demands the same things of your equipment. Therefore, when renting a crane its crucial to consider what aspects of the job may create unique challenges for you. Choosing the wrong crane is not only inefficient and could cause you to do a subpar job or make mistakes, but it can be downright dangerous with trying to “make do” with mismatched equipment.

Taking the time to consider the project and choose the right crane can be the difference between a job well done and a disaster.

What are the Load Bearing Requirements of the Job?

Scout the site of the job and really think about what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. What is the heaviest thing you will need to lift using a crane? That is the item that you must base your crane off of, as exceeding the load bearing capabilities of your chosen crane is not only very dangerous, but also an OSHA violation that could hurt the reputation of your company and result in fines.

What are the Height Requirements of the Job?

Much like with the considerations for weight the crane must bear, height requirements are equally important. The height will determine not only how high you can safely operate, but it is typically associated with the load bearing capacity of the crane too. Generally speaking, a larger crane can tolerate larger loads as well.

Because cranes that are used for moving objects high up are more subject to wind forces a greater counterweight must be used to keep the crane steady. Some of the most common projects that require a crane to lift something extraordinarily high are when high-rise buildings need to replace or install new windows. The panes are incredibly heavy as they must resist the enormous wind pressure (or potential wind pressure from storms) at 30, 40, 50 stories up! This is delicate work, as even nudging the window is not ideal nor acceptable. A steady crane path as well as a strong and tall crane capable of lifting the windows to the appropriate height are required for such as job, as an exmaple.

How much Access and Mobility is Required?

Not all job sites are spacious and allow for easy maneuverability. What’s the use in having a towering and powerful crane if you can’t get it to where it needs to be? Boom trucks are highly valued for this mobility. In our blog about choosing Boom Trucks or Cranes, we also discussed how important mobility around a jobsite was. From the outside looking in, we assume that construction projects are perfectly planned and always proceed accordingly.

However, new challenges are always arising on the job and so having flexibility (and mobility) to get around the site and deal with things as they arise is a crucial part of being a reliable and efficient contractor.

Bay Area Crane Rental

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