How to Prevent Crane Accidents

August 16, 2020by Sheedy Crane0

It’s something we think about quite a bit in the world of California crane rental: crane safety.

And while equipment failure does play a role in crane mishaps, a majority of crane accidents are the result of human error.

According to OSHA, some of the most common crane accidents involve:

  • Contact with electrical lines and other power sources
  • Falls, which includes incidents where a crane overturns or the load being lifted falls
  • Poor communication

Let’s take a closer look at some of the safety issues you’ll need to consider during your California crane rental.

Electrical Issues

One of the biggest risk areas here is the route to the job site. It’s important to check the route ahead of time and keep an eye out for obstacles, noting the minimum clearance you’ll need to avoid power lines and power sources.

The same applies to power sources at or near the job site.  Try to de-energize power lines if possible, and always adhere to OSHA guidelines.


Some of the common causes of falls/overturns involving cranes include ignoring the load limits, improper loaning, and high winds.

You can prevent these accidents by:

  • Never exceeding load capacity guidelines
  • Properly centering each load and placing slings so the load is secured. Taglines can control the swing and rotation of the load
  • Check ground conditions on the site for saturated, freezing or thawing soil.
  • Consult load charts to determine the crane’s maximum load capacity
  • Tape off the area around and beneath the lift for added security
  • Low wind speeds are optimal for crane use. Pay attention to weather conditions, keeping an eye out for unexpected changes. Cease operating if bad weather is anticipated or develops nearby.


Crane accidents can result from a lack of communication. Check equipment every day and make sure everyone involved with using the crane is briefed on their jobs.

A safe workplace is one where workers follow existing safety procedures and regularly check their environment for potential threats.

These are good rules to follow to make sure your employees, customers, vendors and visitors remain safe during crane operation.

It’s vital that you know the specifications, procedures and operating characteristics for the crane you’ve chosen, as each make and model is different.

Picking the right crane for each job is essential, as is making sure each crane and related equipment are properly maintained.

California Crane Rental from Sheedy Crane

There’s no room for error when working with heavy machinery such as cranes. Still, not every company involved in crane operations adheres to OSHA’s guidelines, which is why it’s important to  work with a reputable California crane rental company such as Sheedy Crane.

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