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Heavy hauling and over-sized loads present a number of safety and logistical considerations when preparing the haul. Careful planning and execution is necessary to prevent any injury or collateral damage on the highway and at the work site. Here are a few tips for over-sized loads and heavy hauling.

  1. Choose a Company with a Proven Track Record

When it comes to oversized loads, you want a company with a proven track record for success. A company like Sheedy has been in the business for over 88 years, with a track record of performing some of the most challenging overweight and over-dimensional cargo hauling projects in the country. When it comes to heavy hauling, it does not pay to cut corners.

  1. Choose Your Driver

All drivers that operate a vehicle for heavy hauling should be trained and experienced in securing loads safely. They should also be adept at the equipment they are operating. There is no room for error when it comes to heavy hauling, especially in highly populated areas such as the interstate. All Sheedy drivers are current Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC) holders and meet all proper training and safety regulations.

  1. Permitting and Regulation

Make sure to obtain all proper permits that are required for your heavy haul. All equipment over 102” in with will require an oversized permit before it can be driven on highways or state roads. Each state will have certain guidelines regarding oversized loads and loads over 10,000 pounds. Federal regulations are serious business, especially when in it comes to interstate commerce. Local regulations may also apply if the equipment is being hauled intrastate.

  1. Know Your Route

It may not be enough to just run the route on a GPS. A pilot car is a good idea if you are unsure about possible road closures, toll roads, heavy-traffic areas, construction blockages, and other hazardous scenarios. Planning ahead of time can save you time, money, and may save you a headache or two.

  1. Secure Your Load

Over-dimensional loading and unloading is not a subject to be taken lightly or glanced over. Errors at this stage in the process can result in severe injury and damage to equipment, personal property, and roadways. A reputable company will have drivers that are very experienced in this matter.

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Heavy & Specialized Heavy Hauling in San Francisco

Sheedy Drayage Co. is a leader in heavy hauling, specialist rigging, crane rentals, hoists, seismic retrofitting, and more. We specialize in safe and reliable quality hauls and specialized transportation services around San Francisco.

Some of our hauling equipment includes:

  • Heavy Duty Highway Tractors
  • Winch Tractors
  • Low-bed Trailers: 5-axle, 7-axle, 9-axle and 13-axle
  • Step-deck, Double-drop and Double-drop Expandable Trailers
  • High-bed Trailers 35-ft, 40-ft and 45-ft
  • Heavy Duty Prime Movers – to 600 HP
  • Hydraulic Platform Trailers (Conventional)
  • Hydraulic Platform Trailer (Self-Propelled)
  • Dual-lane Modules – to 150 tons
  • Dual-lane Transporter – to 250 tons
  • Railcar trailers

We have supported tasks such as barge loading and unloading, railcar loading and unloading, machinery and power plant relocation and instillation services, and light rail vehicle transport. Whatever your heavy hauling needs are, Sheedy Drayage Co. has you covered. Visit our contact page for more information.