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July 15, 2018by Sheedy Crane0

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution for your crane rental needs, consider Sheedy Crane. Due to the variability of each task, many construction companies choose not to buy their own cranes. Training crane operators, finding storage space for the cranes, and employing regular maintenance costs time and money. Due to this and a few other factors, sometimes it is in a contractor’s best interest to rent a crane, rather than buy a crane. If you are looking to rent a crane in the near future, there are a few determinants to consider.

1.    Experience of the Operator

An important aspect of crane rental is to ensure that the crane operators are properly screened and trained. All of our operators are NCCO certified and all of our cranes are maintained in our in-house maintenance shop. This can help you save on training costs and maintenance fees. All of our operators have a large amount of experience and can be included in the rental of our cranes. All of our drivers are well-versed in OSHA and NCCO regulatory guidelines.

2.    Type of crane required

At Sheedy Crane, we have an extensive list of cranes for any job type. We carry rough terrain, roof mounted, hydraulic truck, and all-terrain cranes. All of these cranes have specific applications and differ in arm length, size, and lifting capacity. Call us today so we can send a representative to your job site with the process in making more efficient by the actionac san diego to determine what type of crane you need. Some operations, such as demolition and construction, require longer arms to ensure maximum safety at the job-site.

3.    Crane insurance

Insurance is a necessary part of this business. In the case of an accident in the workplace, having a company that is insured and certified is a must. Regardless of who you choose for a crane rental, make sure to ask about the terms of their policy and what is covered.

4.    Cost of the service

The cost of renting any crane depends on the type of services offered. A company that provides bare rentals will obviously charge less when compared to a rental that includes an operator. You can call to discuss the pricing of a bare rental if you have a certified crane operator in your employment.

5.    Work permits

We have the legal right to operate in many areas around the Western United States and have contractor licenses in CA, HI, AZ, NV, and WA. Call and ask about what contracting services are available. It should go without saying that you need to hire a company that operates within your state. We have cranes for rental in California and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Engineering Services with an Emphasis on Safety

Sheedy Crane has a staff of in-house engineers, riggers, and project managers who are specialists when it comes to the field of heavy lift rigging and overweight/over-dimensional load transport. We have reliable and quality engineering services in the San Francisco Bay Area and California. Contact Sheedy today.