Types of Hoists

October 1, 2018by elite0

Sheedy Hoist is a division of Sheedy Drayage Co. that offers a wide selection of construction elevators Also known as man and material hoists. Whatever your specific job-site needs are, our equipment and services include:

  • Bare rented or operated and maintained single and dual-car hoists
  • An extensive inventory of standard and counter-weightless hoists
  • Leading brands such as Alimak, Champion, Avro and Raxtar
  • Single and dual-car hoists with capacities from 2,000 to 7,000 lbs.
  • Full service engineering, planning, estimating and support
  • On-site installation, maintenance, and repair
  • Preventive maintenance and routine inspections
  • Accessories: gates, wings, communications, landing ramps, etc.

If you are not sure exactly what type of hoist you need for a specific job, we would be pleased to send a sales representative to your office or job-site to assist you in the pricing and planning of your hoist (and possibly crane) requirements. If you are looking for a hoist rentals in Southern California, Northern California or Southern Nevada, we are your go-to rental company. If you are not sure which hoist to choose from, here is a brief explanation of some of the rental equipment we provide.

Personnel and Material Hoists

These types of hoists are suitable for the vertical transportation of material and personnel on construction sites. Generally these types of hoists carry large pallets, scaffolding, mini loaders, and other material used on the inside and outside of a building or project site. Material hoists can provide efficient and timely transport of tools, cargo and construction materials, which can save thousands of dollars in labor costs and countless hours of time. Material hoists can simplify multi-level construction and maintenance. Our hoists require a trained hoist operator and are designed to carry both equipment and personnel.

Construction Elevators

If you need a hoist that is suitable to safely carry workers vertically on a job-site, you need a personnel hoist. We rent out our personnel hoists for whatever project you need. Also known as man-lifts, construction elevators, buck hoists, and construction hoists, these machines help transport materials and personnel safely and efficiently. We use the industry standard for construction hoists, such as Alimak, which have a proven track record for providing safe and reliable transportation of personnel and construction material.

Hoist Rentals in Northern California, Southern California, and South Nevada

If you need a personnel or material hoist in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sheedy Crane is a leader in the industry and we are prepared to take on any size project. We offer single and dual-car hoists with capacities that range from 2,000 to 7,000 pounds that can hoist large amounts of personnel and materials in a jiffy. With on-site installation and repair, you’ll rest easy knowing that no issue or problem will be overlooked in the care for our machinery and your bottom line. With preventative maintenance and routine inspections, your workers will rest easy knowing that the equipment will not put their lives in jeopardy. We adhere to all of the OSHA’s guidelines and regulations for construction equipment and construction elevators and material/personnel hoists. Contact us today to discuss your hoist and crane needs!