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August 10, 2018by Sheedy Crane0

Choosing The Right Crane: Construction and engineering companies rarely own their own cranes, since they are a specialized part of operations and can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With that in mind, crane rental is the preferred option for most companies needing temporary or long-term heavy lifting.

A company that specializes in crane rental will provide a range of affordable solutions for short or long-term hire and a variety of crane types. A professional crane rental company will always have professional marketing on multiple platforms such as web, social media, and more traditional forms of advertising.

Crane Types Typically Available for Rental

Mobile cranes and assembled on-site cranes are available for rental by most crane rental operators.

Truck Cranes

randon 900crane rental

A truck crane removes the need for separate transport for a crane, and thus provides excellent versatility for short jobs and is a very popular rental option.

In some cases, for very large truck cranes, counterweights are transported separately.

Rough Terrain Cranes

A rough terrain crane is a crane mounted on a four-wheeled platform, which allows it to be maneuvered in tight and rough access areas. Once in position outriggers stabilize the crane. The crane can perform off road pick and carry tasks. A rough terrain crane is much smaller than a truck crane for slick maneuverability and is not designed for long road trips.

All-Terrain Cranes

The all-terrain crane combines the properties of a rough terrain crane with a truck crane, meaning that it can operate on rough terrain and travel on highways for transport.

The all-terrain crane uses all-wheel and crab steering to increase the access and maneuverability of a truck crane but is not as compact as a rough terrain crane.

Lattice Boom Cranes

lattice boom cranes rental

Lattice boom cranes are used for large and excessively heavy operations and can be constructed on site on different types of platforms or may be mounted on a crawler.

They provide mechanical lifting via a series of guy wires and the well-known lattice shape. This shape consists of intermeshed high strength steel alloy provides the lattice boom cranes with their high strength capacity.

Crawler Cranes

A crawler crane is a type of crane that is mounted on movable bulldozer style tracks. It has the advantage of not requiring outriggers. This is very useful for heavy pick and lift operations as it easily changes position.

Specially Constructed Cranes

Specialized technical requirements can be catered for on individual jobs by combining different types of equipment and accessories.

This may include the use of hydraulic jacks, gantries, flying jibs, and frames to maneuver items into position for crane access. Design and combinations of modular cranes to suit application is possible.

Crane Accessories

Crane rental services will usually provide options for all the accessories needed for the job, such as platforms, baskets, and flying jibs for unusual access areas.

Specialized Transport Vehicles for Cranes

Cranes need dedicated transport capable of hauling large loads, loading and unloading and power supply. Often, compliance with road rules is required, such as a pilot car, special use permit, and in some cases a police escort.

Rental Options

Rental is either on contract for long-term jobs or under daily rates for short-term work, usually called jobbing work. Renting ensures maintenance is taken care of, and whichever rental option is chosen, the service provider will include full details of maintenance, repair, and service in the contract.

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