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September 15, 2020by Sheedy Crane0

When it comes to cranes, businesses are often faced with an important question: do we buy or do we rent?

It’s a big question, particularly for companies trying to manage a tight budget. In that case, here are five reasons why renting a crane might make more sense.

  1. Savings

If your company has years’ worth of construction projects on its docket, then buying a crane makes good financial sense.

But if you only anticipate needing a crane intermittently — maybe once or twice a year — then renting a crane is going to provide you substantial savings on maintenance, repairs training and storage, as well as the need to come up with a down payment.

You’ll also save on insurance costs when you opt for Bay Area crane rental, as renting puts the burden of insurance costs on the rental company. If you do have to pay an insurance premium, it would only last as long as you’re renting the crane.

Finally, you’ll save on transportation costs, as getting the crane to and from your site is typically the job of the rental company.

  1. Access to the latest technology

If you buy a crane, it’s going to depreciate. That’s just how machinery works. But when you rent a crane, you’ll likely be renting machinery that uses the newest technology, allowing you to work with greater efficiency without worrying about depreciation.

  1. Increased safety

When you rent a crane, you’ll know that you’re working with the right equipment for the job, which helps prevent employee injuries and reduces accidents, which in turn reduces downtime.

  1. Expertise and equipment

You may not have anyone on your staff who is equipped to operate a crane. And training someone to do that job might take more time and money than you want to spend.

But with a Bay Area crane rental service, you’ll be able to rent a crane manned by a qualified operator, giving you peace of mind that your machinery is being handled safely.

Renting is also a good option for companies that might need more than one specialized piece of machinery to complete a job. Rather than spending money on equipment you might never need again, you can just rent different machines as needed.

  1. Less maintenance

If you buy a crane, you might need to spend months getting an employee trained to repair and inspect your new equipment. But with crane rental, you’ll spend less time — and less money — dealing with maintenance and repairs.

Bay Area crane rental from Sheedy Crane

Are you searching for Bay Area crane rental for your next project? Turn to Sheedy Crane. We have an extensive, modern collection of mobile and speciality cranes available for rent.

We own all of our equipment and our cranes are operated by NCCCO-certified operators and maintained in-house.

We would be delighted to have one of our estimators visit your site or office to help you plan your crane rental and rigging requirements. Contact us today to learn more.


April 9, 2020by Sheedy Crane0

Construction is Not a One-Size-Fits-All Solution

When it comes to doing good work and planning a successful lift or job, deciding which equipment you should use is a high priority. Many OSHA violations and jobsite accidents can come from the fact that a worker or operator has erroneously decided to solve a problem using the wrong equipment. This can be something as simple as using a winch to lift something far too heavy for the load bearing capacity. Two common pieces of equipment that serve similar functions are the “boom truck” and crane. The only real question is, when should you use each?

What is a Boom Truck?

If you have worked in construction, it seems to be a silly question to ask. However, the term boom truck is often used interchangeably for several mobile vehicles with lifting capabilities. Basically, any vehicle that can move and has a crane atop it can be considered a boom truck.

Best Jobs for Boom Trucks

The biggest advantage that boom trucks have is that they can maneuver quite easily around a jobsite. Construction workers know that regardless of how well laid the plans are for a job site, as well as lift planning, a construction site is still a hectic place to get around in. If it wasn’t, OSHA would not be so strict on safety protocols involving personnel wandering around the lift area.

While a boom truck can lift heavy loads of several tons with stability, it’s not the prime choice of machinery to use with heavy duty lifting. The chief benefit of using a boom truck is the versatility it offers in handling a variety of smaller jobs around the site. A lot of times, equipment or materials need to be hoisted onto an elevated part of the jobsite, and a boom truck can very efficiently handle this task.

A cherry picker is a great example of a type of boom truck which has a loading basket fastened to it. This is a crucial tool for maintenance workers who often need to stop and go to various places and reach inaccessible heights.

When Should You Rent a Crane?

Cranes are best utilized for lifting extremely heavy loads which will require counterbalancing and more stability than a truck can offer. The vast majority of sites will require a mobile crane instead of the many other types of specialty cranes. Mobile cranes are most often used for moving equipment and materials that are too heavy for a boom truck or other smaller equipment to move.

There are many different steps involved in a successful construction job. When you think of a construction site the first thing you may think of is a crane. However, newly hired construction workers are surprised to find out that using a crane is only a small part of doing a majority of jobs. Before that time comes, there is a lot of planning, resource allocation, and set up involved at the site. Smaller equipment such as boom trucks can help facilitate that process and speed it up.

It is for this reason that companies like us at Sheedy Crane provide our cranes for rental. Ultimately, businesses operate on fine margins and are always looking for cost-effective solutions. While access to a crane is critical for completing many if not most big jobs, you will find it is much more effective to simply rent the crane for the period in which you actually need it.

This puts an even greater importance on planning your lifts and project management.

Bay Area Crane Rental

A crane is an essential piece of equipment in construction work. While there are many different tools and equipment available to do similar jobs, it is an irreplaceable aspect of getting things done on site. Whether using a boom truck or a dedicated crane, they are the prevailing tool for resource allocation and site management that allows projects to go smoothly, and safely.

Contact Sheedy Crane for all of your crane rental needs.


February 20, 2020by Sheedy Crane0

As you might imagine, being able to lift, suspend and move heavy loads with precision is required by most construction projects and worksites. Whether you need to move materials to their proper places or you need to place objects accordingly, a qualified and skilled crane operator can not only make sure that the project goes efficiently and quickly, but also that there are no damages or mistakes that can result in safety concerns.

That being said, what qualifications should a crane operator have, and in what circumstances do they need certifications?

Crane Operator Qualifications

In November 10, 2018, crane operator qualifications were required by OSHA to be certified by an accredited certifying body. Testing is completed not just on written and practical testing, but by equipment capacity and type of equipment used. It is no longer sufficient by modern safety standards to have general certifications for crane operations. There are conditions and stipulations for crane operations that were long overdue.

A good analogy is like getting a driver’s license, you are certified to drive on the road under general conditions but your license doesn’t truly specify what your skillset is. Not all drivers are created equal, not everyone can drive as well on the highway as they can locally—and vice versa.

Operating a crane is a similar ordeal, just because an operator has experience with tower cranes does not speak to his or her skills with operating a mobile crane or a boom truck which all require different skill sets.

Consider all of the things a good crane operator needs to possess:

  • Proper knowledge of load-bearing and physics regarding suspended objects
  • Satisfactory depth perception
  • Ability to work in high places
  • Clear communication skills

Can A Crane Be Operated Without Certifications?

A crane can in fact be operated without certifications, but there are certain conditions that must be met. OSHA has a rule by which any operator who is not certified can operate a crane if they can be classified as an operator in training. Additionally, the operator in training must be supervised by an operator’s trainer. This is under the assumption that the operator has been sufficiently trained to do the task despite lacking certifications. There are also limitations on what types of lifts the unlicensed operator can perform.

However, it is assumed that these protocols are there to allow for some on the job training or for emergencies where a crane must be operated for basic purposes.

San Francisco Bay Area Crane Rental Company

The point of this all is to say, why take a chance? Hire an experienced crane operator to do your work. All of our crane rentals at Sheedy Crane come with an NCCO certified operator to operate the crane to fulfill any and all needs you may have.

We have helped a variety of industries with their load transferring needs such as electrical equipment, disaster, and emergency support, power plants, trees and landscaping, and many more. All-terrain cranes, lattice boom cranes, hydraulic truck cranes, rough terrain cranes, roof-mounted cranes, we provide the equipment necessary for any job.

Contact Sheedy Crane today for any upcoming projects you have which require the use of a crane, heavy hauling and rigging.


January 16, 2020by Sheedy Crane0

Hiring a contractor is both a sigh of relief and a need that can be difficult to address amid budget concerns. In a way every budget is tight, most companies operate on very tight margins and are wary about any additional expenditures. When it comes to hiring a crane rental company, there are 3 questions you want to ask yourself about the rental.

Does the Crane Rental Meet the Budget Requirements?

It goes without saying that before you can start browsing for services, you’ll need to know how much you’re looking to spend. Some rental services can be exceedingly expensive by virtue of the fact that they are booked up or that they lend specialty machinery that warrants additional costs.

A good crane rental company will work within your budget and give you reasonable estimates on jobs. Sometimes companies with brand new equipment will ask for more money to recoup some of those costs, but consider also that sometimes new equipment lends greater efficiency to operators. Jobs may take less time and thus less labor hours billed. These are things you should be on the lookout for when renting a crane from a company.

Is the Crane Rental Company Experienced?

You would think that all crane rental companies met a certain level of expertise, but as with all industries there are the best of the best and those who barely get the job done. Seek out a crane company that has had ample experience to fine tune their methods and deliver the best results.

Sheedy Crane has been operating in the Bay Area for more than 95 years! We have overseen much of the construction and economic growth of the Bay Area through our operations and jobs we’ve been assigned. All of our crane operators are NCCO certified so you will always have a qualified operator when renting through us.

What is their Safety Track Record?

Unfortunately, mistakes happen—but you don’t want them to happen when using a crane. This can be prevented by not only hiring an experienced crane rental company that has certified operators but it helps when the company you’re hiring is providing those operators.

Not all crane rental companies provide their own operators as part of the package so this is an important factor. The benefit of working with a crane rental company that supplies the operator is that they are going to be familiar with their roster of operators and understand what kind of work they are good at. Proper skill allocation is paramount to bolstering safety records.

For example, if you hire Sheedy Crane for a job, we’ll be more than happy to send a surveyor out to the site to acquire estimates. This will also be a great way to obtain information about the site to our operators so we can get a read on the job site to anticipate any possible obstacles.

Bay Area Crane Rental

Construction in the Bay Area has always been a given, with such limited space for new construction there is always demolition and renovations occurring which necessitate the careful use of crane services, structural shoring, and much more.

These conditions are what Sheedy Crane excels in. There aren’t many companies that understand this area better than us, contact us today so we can assist you in getting started on any new projects that are upcoming.


December 27, 2019by Sheedy Crane0

Running a business is difficult, even more difficult is the scaling of that business when success comes to you. Many businesses fail but for those that do succeed, new problems crop up! While no one will feel sorry for you for having “good” problems, that doesn’t provide solutions. Thankfully, we deal in solutions, and one of those solutions that we provide relief for is warehousing, storage, and hauling!

What is Logistics and Why is it a Headache?

What is Logistics? Logistics is a complex and inescapable part of running an operation. It’s also one of the first areas that confound business owners when they have to scale their business up. Suddenly, the need for a much larger space, more employees, and a workflow that can satisfy both demand and deadlines becomes quickly urgent.

Space is perhaps the biggest issue. Our last blog post briefly glanced over what any California citizen knows—the Bay Area is wildly expensive. Real estate costs are absurdly high due to the appeal of living here a well as a host of other factors. What does this mean? The need for a larger warehouse or storage facility may not scale equally with how much it costs to obtain it. Will your profits from scaling up cover the cost of the larger storage? Not always, not in most cases. Such is the difficult life of the business owner.

Cargo Handling, Storage, and Hauling

Our conveniently located San Francisco storage yard is a place where you can find temporary relief to your sudden storage woes that present themselves to you. We can receive and store your equipment in our yards short-term or long-term depending on your needs. We boast 7 acres of open storage as well as 1 acre of covered storage with access to electrical hookups for the safety and maintenance of all equipment.

Our experienced team is knowledgeable in the handling of any type of equipment you can imagine: HVAC units, chillers, boilers, generators, switchgear, etc, with assembly and disassembly posing no problem.

It isn’t enough to just store the equipment though, we offer comprehensive heavy hauling and specialty hauling services at all points West of the Rocky Mountains that can get your equipment to where it needs to be in a timely manner—and in one piece, of course! Our clients choose us not only because of our proven track record of success, but also because we strictly adhere to protocols such as the California Air Resources Board (CARB) emission requirements as well as the fact that our drivers are TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Card) holders.

Bay Area Cargo Handling and Hauling

Sheedy Crane has been operating in the Bay Area since 1925! Since then, we have grown to be one of the most respected authorities for Bay Area engineering solutions as well as a variety of other services such as seismic retrofitting, structural shoring, and providing quality cranes for rental at a competitive rate.

Contact Sheedy Crane today to inquire about any of our numerous services or if you would like to consult about an upcoming project.