Bay Area Crane Rental: Should I Rent or Buy a Crane?

September 15, 2020by Sheedy Crane0

When it comes to cranes, businesses are often faced with an important question: do we buy or do we rent?

It’s a big question, particularly for companies trying to manage a tight budget. In that case, here are five reasons why renting a crane might make more sense.

  1. Savings

If your company has years’ worth of construction projects on its docket, then buying a crane makes good financial sense.

But if you only anticipate needing a crane intermittently — maybe once or twice a year — then renting a crane is going to provide you substantial savings on maintenance, repairs training and storage, as well as the need to come up with a down payment.

You’ll also save on insurance costs when you opt for Bay Area crane rental, as renting puts the burden of insurance costs on the rental company. If you do have to pay an insurance premium, it would only last as long as you’re renting the crane.

Finally, you’ll save on transportation costs, as getting the crane to and from your site is typically the job of the rental company.

  1. Access to the latest technology

If you buy a crane, it’s going to depreciate. That’s just how machinery works. But when you rent a crane, you’ll likely be renting machinery that uses the newest technology, allowing you to work with greater efficiency without worrying about depreciation.

  1. Increased safety

When you rent a crane, you’ll know that you’re working with the right equipment for the job, which helps prevent employee injuries and reduces accidents, which in turn reduces downtime.

  1. Expertise and equipment

You may not have anyone on your staff who is equipped to operate a crane. And training someone to do that job might take more time and money than you want to spend.

But with a Bay Area crane rental service, you’ll be able to rent a crane manned by a qualified operator, giving you peace of mind that your machinery is being handled safely.

Renting is also a good option for companies that might need more than one specialized piece of machinery to complete a job. Rather than spending money on equipment you might never need again, you can just rent different machines as needed.

  1. Less maintenance

If you buy a crane, you might need to spend months getting an employee trained to repair and inspect your new equipment. But with crane rental, you’ll spend less time — and less money — dealing with maintenance and repairs.

Bay Area crane rental from Sheedy Crane

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